With 10 years experience as an Advocate, Philip van den Ordel is radically committed to contracts. Having the opportunity to forge this business from the ground up, he aims to do what he does best. Taking up a team environment with clients to provide certainty and flexibility on contractual obligations, opportunities and resolving of disputes. Clarity of purpose is focused, using expertise and intuition to provide the most effective arrangements.

Over the years and through the crucible of litigation and practice, he has developed an array of experience in commercial law, agency, company formation, credit law, lease, restraint of trade, software licensing and many other aspects of business life. Taking a keen interest in non-profit work, both practically in volunteering and professionally in advice to and establishment of organisations.


At Contractually Speaking(Pty) Ltd, we believe that life is all about agreements. Both professionally and personally, the arrangements in place determine your expectations and obligations.

We aim to create your contracts correctly. Litigation experience shows that most contractual disputes hang on a thread of misunderstanding. We address this issue from the other way around, creating contracts which fit their function, customised to your specific requirements and risks.

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